Beer of the Week: Uinta Birthday Suit

Our first ever beer of the week is from Uinta Brewing from Salt Lake City, UT. It is there 19th Anniversary Ale. It is an American Wild Ale brewed from cherries plucked from trees on the brewery property.

The bottle is 750ml, cork and caged, and bottled on 3/29/12.

Birthday Suit, Uploaded with Snapbucket

The body is bright pink in color, with darker red tones. The head is very light pink in color, with very active carbonation. It fizzles out to near nothingness.

The nose really showcases the fruit, with tart cherry aromas that dominate the all other aromas. There are soft, floral tones, kind of like rose petals. Being a wild ale, there are some faint musty tones, with some bready malts.

Cherries dominate the flavors as well, with a bright tartness. There are sweeter, cherry pie like tones that help cut the tartness, though the overall mouth feel tends to the dry side. Floral tones pop up, with some creamy wheat flavors as well. There’s some more semi-sweet cherry juice flavors on the finish, helping the sourness to drop down even more.

This would be a great intro sour for someone not familiar with the style. The sourness is there but nicely restrained, and it’s certainly more accessible than a true kriek. I drank this on a very warm day, and it was very refreshing.


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