Hello world!

Hello, all! (Well, all one of you). What’s going on here on this very sparse blog about beer, you ask? Well, not a whole hell of a lot. But that will change! I’m a tad of a beer nerd, and spend a fair amount of my time imbibing, reading about and just generally talking about beer. So just like 99% of people on the internet, I decided that you want to hear what I have to say. So listen dammit!

Anyway, like I said, I am a nerd, but let’s have fun with this shall we? You’ll see things like beer reviews, beer news and my take on it, and probably the occasional movie or book review, but we’ll be doing some silly stuff like the 40 of the Month, and what ever lame things I come up with in my free time.

So, come back and check it out. It will look better in a couple of days I promise!

Oh, and have a beer while reading this site.



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