Beer of the Week: Double Sunshine IPA

This week’s featured beer is Double Sunshine IPA from Lawson’s Finest Liquids, located in Warren, VT. I know what you’re thinking; it seems I have a VT bias the last couple of weeks. I don’t, but you wouldn’t blame me if you’ve had this beer and Heady Topper.

This is a highly sought out, 8% DIPA in a gold foil wrapped, 22 ounce bottle. There is no freshness dating visible.

The body that pours out is a hazed, golden-orange color. There’s a pretty substantial head on this sucker, bone white in color. The tightly compacted bubbles settle down to leave a short, dense cover. Very nice lacing on the glass as well.

There’s loads and loads of beautiful hop aromas. Tropical fruit dominates, but there are aromas of ganja, spice, flowers and cut grass as well. Some cracker malt aromas are there as well, but this is a showcase for the hops.

First taste is a very dry, cracker malt flavor. The malts are there just to set the stage for the hop barrage that is right around the corner. Big, juicy tropical fruit sweetness hits first, with flavors of guava, papaya and a little bit of peach. Resin and ganja flavors follow, with some floral tones. The finish is bitter and woody, with some light honey flavors to help balance out the bitterness.

This is a hop monster, and it tastes delicious. They did a good job here of reining in the bitterness to keep it from being over the top. I though Heady Topper was the best DIPA to come out of Vermont, but I am definitely second guessing myself. This is a world class beer, and should be in everyone’s Top 5.


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