Beer Release: Friendship Brew

Beer Pulse recently posted the press release for a new collaboration beer from Green Flash and St Feuillien. From the release:

Friendship Brew is a Black Saison brewed with a blend of European Styrian Golding and American Cascade hops and features subtle spices enhanced by fruity esters and a roasted malt base akin to oatmeal stout. As is customary with all Saison Ales crafted by St Feuillien, the spices used for the Green Flash collaboration ale are kept a closely guarded secret.  Bottle conditioning provides lively carbonation and super-rich beer foam for a luscious body with a lean dry finish.  It is 5.7% ABV, 32 IBUs.


I’m definitely going to try this, but I am going to approach it with a little caution. An oatmeal stout crossed with a saison? Sounds a little weird, and it will be interesting to see how those roasty notes will intertwine with the spices and assumed rustic-ness of a saison. I guess if any breweries could pull this off, these two stand a pretty good chance.

Image from Beer Pulse


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