Beer Review of the Week: Toronado 25th Anniversary.

T 25, Uploaded with Snapbucket

Please note that this is a review of the draft version. I haven’t opened a bottle of this….yet.

This week’s featured beer comes to us from Russian River Brewing, and was made to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Toronado San Francisco. I could describe it, but I’ll let the folks at Russian River do that:

This unique one of a kind beer is a blend of 6 different beers: strong pale ale, strong dark ale, pale ale with currants, blonde ale, baltic porter, and Sonambic, or spontaneously fermentation beer. All components were made separately in barrels with brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus added in their own individual processes. Then the final blend was determined by Vinnie and Dave Keene, owner of the Toronado. It has nice bouquet of brett, fruit, spice, vanilla, and oak. This a full-bodied beer with hints of oak and nice sourness in the flavor.

The stated blend is as follows:
4% Sonambic (barrel aged for 15 months)
16% Blonde Ale (barrel aged for 8 months)
36% Strong Pale Ale (barrel aged 12 months)
28% Ale Aged with Currants (barrel aged for 8 months)
12% Strong Dark Ale (barrel aged for 12 months)
4% Baltic Porter (barrel aged for 10 months)

This Beer of the Week is a couple days late, mostly because I knew I’d be heading down to the pub to sample T-25 (as the kids would say), and how could I not feature this beer?

Served in the standard Russian River chalice.

The body is a bright, copper color. Presented with a scant, brown tinged head. Good retention and nice lacing.

Acetic smelling, with vinegar aromas and some lemon sourness. Oak and grass. Green apples. Definitely presents itself as a sour beer if there was any doubt in our minds.

Big tartness, green apple flavors at first, then tending towards a lemon sourness. Some cut grass in the back ground. Berry fruit flavors, with a hint of caramel. Dry, with lively carbonation. The sourness really hits you in the face the first couple of sips, but as your tongue adjusts to it, more nuances start to come out. There’s even a hint of an oak woodiness from the barrel aging.

Yet again, this is another very nice sour from Vinny and the crew. Not the best example of the style from Russian River (that would still be Beatification, thank you very much), but a very good one. I really like the bold tartness. Love to see how this ages.

Happy Birthday Toronado!!


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