Stone Enjoy By IPA Hitting Shelves

As previously reported, Stone’s Enjoy By 9/21/12 IPA is hitting shelves as we speak. The bad news, it’s only going to three markets: Southern California, New Jersey and Chicago. Not living in one of those three markets, I say “Booo!”

But wait; there’s better news! According to the above video, it looks like this will be at least a semi-year round brew for Stone. Each subsequent batch will have a new freshness date in the title, and each batch will only be brewed for 3-5 markets, ensuring that the beer will hit those markets with-in a week of bottling.

Apparently, we will have a say as to where these batches will end up. In the video, Greg Koch implores us to let him know where we want to see this beer end up, via Twitter (#EnjoyBy), Facebook, email and other such ways. So, I guess we should start making some noise about this!


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