Stone Enjoy By IPA Hitting Shelves

As previously reported, Stone’s Enjoy By 9/21/12 IPA is hitting shelves as we speak. The bad news, it’s only going to three markets: Southern California, New Jersey and Chicago. Not living in one of those three markets, I say “Booo!”

But wait; there’s better news! According to the above video, it looks like this will be at least a semi-year round brew for Stone. Each subsequent batch will have a new freshness date in the title, and each batch will only be brewed for 3-5 markets, ensuring that the beer will hit those markets with-in a week of bottling.

Apparently, we will have a say as to where these batches will end up. In the video, Greg Koch implores us to let him know where we want to see this beer end up, via Twitter (#EnjoyBy), Facebook, email and other such ways. So, I guess we should start making some noise about this!


Well, Apparently I’m Standing in Line at Russian River Again

Per Natalie and the Russian River blog:

Toronado 25th Anniversary beer will be released on Thursday, August 9th, on draft and in the bottle at the pub. The kegs will be tapped when we open at 11am. Then we will release the 750ml bottles when the bus arrives from the Toronado that night for the big shindig and Big Daddy is in the house! Bottles are $25 each, limit 2 per person. We are going to release about 25 cases (appropriately, but not planned) every day starting Thursday night, then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning upon opening. If you want to stop by just to buy bottles, please come Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. We will not be allowing folks in just to buy bottles on Thursday night as we will be focused on throwing the best party ever!

Aw hell. At least they’re metering it again, so I stand some chance of getting a bottle. I’m not holding my breath for draft, however.

Say, what kind of beer will it be?

What style of beer is it? Vinnie, the mad scientist, says it is a “sour barrel-aged disproportionate blend of 6 different beers”. Upon tasting it this morning, I would say the beer itself is as big a mouthful as the description! The 6 different components were brewed separately with distinctly different processes, then Vinnie and Dave decided on the final blend together. It is 100% bottle conditioned and has brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus. ABV is 8.75%.

I guess that sounds ok.

Also, read the blog entry, cause there’s a neat little story about the Harvest Ale that they will be releasing in a couple of weeks.

New Releases Week of 8/6/12


There’s some pretty awesome beers that should be hitting shelves any day now (at least in my area; ask your local beer buying for specifics pertaining to you).

The biggest, most awaited one for me is Drake’s Aroma Coma. This is a great IPA, and I was very lucky to stumble across one last year. This year, it seems to be seeing wider distribution, since I don’t have to drive to San Francisco this year to get one. A must hit for next year is the Aroma Coma release at the Drake’s Barrel House, which also saw the release of Aroma Prieta, a brewery only release.

A couple of Firestone Walker brews are also hitting this week. Double Double Barrel Ale (which actually hit shelves Friday) is an Imperial Bitter, a souped up version of their flagship, DBA. This is part of their barrel series, which also includes Parabola (best imperial stout on the planet) and The Beer Formally Known as Abacus. So don’t miss this one. Also, 4 packs (yes!) of Double Jack should be out as well.

The new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp set looks promising this year. This year’s set includes an Oatmeal Stout, Imperial Pilsner, Floral IPA and an Imperial Red. I had the Impy Pils on tap at the brewery, and it was very good.

Finally, Lagunitas released one of my favorite beers by them, A Little Sumpin’ Wild. It’s a slightly Belgian version of Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, brewed with Westmalle yeast, to give it a bit of a funky, earthy twist. Don’t miss it.

Beer lovers certainly will not go thirsty this week. And if you do, it’s your own damn fault.

Image from Drake’s


Beer Release: Friendship Brew

Beer Pulse recently posted the press release for a new collaboration beer from Green Flash and St Feuillien. From the release:

Friendship Brew is a Black Saison brewed with a blend of European Styrian Golding and American Cascade hops and features subtle spices enhanced by fruity esters and a roasted malt base akin to oatmeal stout. As is customary with all Saison Ales crafted by St Feuillien, the spices used for the Green Flash collaboration ale are kept a closely guarded secret.  Bottle conditioning provides lively carbonation and super-rich beer foam for a luscious body with a lean dry finish.  It is 5.7% ABV, 32 IBUs.


I’m definitely going to try this, but I am going to approach it with a little caution. An oatmeal stout crossed with a saison? Sounds a little weird, and it will be interesting to see how those roasty notes will intertwine with the spices and assumed rustic-ness of a saison. I guess if any breweries could pull this off, these two stand a pretty good chance.

Image from Beer Pulse

You Want Freshness Dating? Here’s Your Stinkin’ Freshness Dating

Hop heads who complain about breweries who don’t put bottling/drink by dates on their IPAs can stop complaining (at least for a couple of days), because Stone Brewing has gone ahead and put it in the name of their new beer for you.

How’s that for freshness dating?

The beer will be released at Stone’s anniversary party, scheduled for August 18th, so that gives you about a month to drink up.
Image from Twitter