On the Move

The great change over has begun. The blog will now be located at thatbeernerd.com.

Bookmark it, tell your friends and family (don’t forget grandma!) and keep checking the blog out.

Graphics will be up soon. The Twitter situation will remain the same, but look for a That Beer Nerd Facebook page in the near future.

Cheers and thanks for reading.


Weekend Wrap-up 8/6

I had a fairly eventful beer weekend, so just thought I’d go over what I saw and imbibed the last couple of days.

On Saturday, I headed to Russian River to enjoy two new releases; Hopfather and Compunction. The Hopfather was a well crafted IPA, with a good punch of bitterness but balanced well. Compunction is a sour ale brewed with pluots, and there’s a ton of tartness to this one. Look for formal reviews of both later on; the pub was crazy on Saturday, and not conducive to reviewing.

Also got to try 60 Minute IPA from Dogfish Head, as my friend brought back a six pack from his travels back east. This is a classic East Coast IPA, with a big malt profile and delicate hops. Very good, and goes well with Rock Band.

On Sunday, the family and I headed to Toad in the Hole to enjoy Mostly Python, a celebration of Monty Python, beer and silliness. The Lagunitas beer truck was on hand, pouring their Pils, IPA and Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, along with other offerings such as 21st Amendment Bitter American and Sierra Nevada Kellerweis. The event is free, and includes local actors performing Python skits and live music as well. This is a can’t miss event for me, as it’s fun for the whole family (although the skits were definitely more risqué this year).

Lastly, Beer Pulse reported that Stone will be releasing their Ruination and Oaked Arrogant Bastard in 4 packs, to go along with Sublimely Self-Righteous. 4 packs of delicious beer for everyone!

Happy IPA Day Everybody!

Today is the 2nd Annual IPA Day. Hop heads around the globe are surely rejoicing, as it’s probably pretty safe to say a lot of breweries and tap rooms will have some pretty damn good stuff on today.

So how can you celebrate IPA day? Well, it’s really quite easy. Drink an IPA! Better yet, drink it with other IPA lovers! Even better, introduce your friend/neighbor/family member who may not like the style to your favorite IPA. Maybe the’ll be converted.

Locally, I know that Taps in Petaluma will have an IPA rich lineup for today, and it’s probably pretty safe to say that Whole Foods Coddingtown will have some good stuff on tap as well.

It remains to be seen how I will celebrate the day (this whole work thing is really holding me back). At the very least, I’ve got a Founder’s Devil Dancer in the fridge. May as well go big on a day like today.

Oncemade Beer: Good or Bad for Craft Beer?

If you haven’t yet heard about this, the people behind Pintley (an adaptive beer recommendation website based on your personal likes and dislikes) has launched the Oncemade Beer Project, a project in which they help two breweries collaborate on a special beer which is brewed once and only once.

Sounds like quite a good idea, no? Well, it’s actually causing a minor uproar among the craft beer crowd, with some saying that this is a terrible development for the craft beer world.

After the jump. we’ll look into the details of the project, and I’ll analyze the ramifications of this innovative idea.

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Wrap-Up: Northern California Craft Beer Guide Book Release

As mentioned yesterday, I headed to Whole Foods for the release of the above mentioned book. It’s a very nice looking book, and it’s cool to see people in the book that    I know. I also got a chance to chat with the author, Ken Weaver and the photographer, Anneliese Schmidt. Both were super nice people and were gracious in letting a nerdy beer blogger ramble. Keep an eye out for a review of the book in the next week or two.

Whole Foods also had some pretty tasty stuff on tap, so here’s a quick run down of what I had.

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Slow News Day: Chasin’ Freshies Label

Not much going on out there at the moment.

Deschutes did release the label for their upcoming, highly anticipated (at least as far as I’m concerned) Chasin’ Freshies wet hop beer.

Cool, typical Bond St label.

On the local front, there’s a couple of brewery showcases this week at various locations.

Tonight is 21st Amendment Night at Toad in the Hole, and tomorrow at Heritage, Bear Republic will be featured. Both are put on by Brewed for Thought. So go check them out.

Also, tomorrow night will be the book release for a brand new book showcasing Northern California breweries at Whole Foods Coddingtown at 6 PM. Meet the author and special kegs. I’ll be there, so you should be too.