New Belgium Responds to Lagunitas


Kim Jordan, CEO of New Belgium brewing, has responded to Tony Magee, owner of Lagunitas, and his statements condemning New Belgium for receiving tax breaks and incentives for their new brewery.

For those who missed my first article on this (shame on you), read it here.

You know this is going to be good from her opening statement:

You can imagine that we have a different perception of the process we are going through as we develop our brewery in Asheville.

I could quote more, but I don’t want anything to be taken out of context, so just go and read her entire response.

She brings up some good points, and it is nice that we get to hear from both sides of the argument. I just hope that the next time I visit New Belgium, I won’t get kicked out for wearing my Lagunitas hat.


A Brewing Controversy?: Incentives for New Belgium in NC

Asheville Plan Schematics from Beer Pulse

Tony Magee, owner of Lagunitas, tweeted a potentially inflammatory message (if you’re sensitive to that kind of stuff) regarding incentives that New Belgium is receiving from the local government of Asheville, NC to build their new brewing facility:


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New Releases Week of 8/6/12


There’s some pretty awesome beers that should be hitting shelves any day now (at least in my area; ask your local beer buying for specifics pertaining to you).

The biggest, most awaited one for me is Drake’s Aroma Coma. This is a great IPA, and I was very lucky to stumble across one last year. This year, it seems to be seeing wider distribution, since I don’t have to drive to San Francisco this year to get one. A must hit for next year is the Aroma Coma release at the Drake’s Barrel House, which also saw the release of Aroma Prieta, a brewery only release.

A couple of Firestone Walker brews are also hitting this week. Double Double Barrel Ale (which actually hit shelves Friday) is an Imperial Bitter, a souped up version of their flagship, DBA. This is part of their barrel series, which also includes Parabola (best imperial stout on the planet) and The Beer Formally Known as Abacus. So don’t miss this one. Also, 4 packs (yes!) of Double Jack should be out as well.

The new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp set looks promising this year. This year’s set includes an Oatmeal Stout, Imperial Pilsner, Floral IPA and an Imperial Red. I had the Impy Pils on tap at the brewery, and it was very good.

Finally, Lagunitas released one of my favorite beers by them, A Little Sumpin’ Wild. It’s a slightly Belgian version of Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’, brewed with Westmalle yeast, to give it a bit of a funky, earthy twist. Don’t miss it.

Beer lovers certainly will not go thirsty this week. And if you do, it’s your own damn fault.

Image from Drake’s


New Lagunitas Session Ale

Looks like we’ve got a new brew from Lagunitas on the way. Not much info on it, though according to a post on Beer Advocate, it will be available in six packs and 22oz bottles.

I like this new trend of “sessionable” IPAs. After years of a crazy arms race to push the upper limits of ABV, brewers are starting to swing to the other side of the spectrum. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy a giant, alcohol spewing IPA just as much as the next guy. But it’s nice to see some lighter choices, especially when I have to, you know, drive after enjoying a beer.

Pic from Beer Pulse.