Beer Events Week of 8/19/12

Brewed for Thought is putting on a couple of brewery showcases this week locally.

On Tuesday the 21st, Toad in the Hole will have a showcase of Highwater Brewing. Their No Boundaries IPA is a great brew, and they make some pretty solid stuff.

Heritage Public House will host Mad River the following night. I confess to not really trying any of their beers. I’m a bad beer nerd.

Lastly, New Belgium will be taking over Taps in Petaluma on Thursday. Look for some Lips of Faith beers. They are usually strong offerings.

If you are willing to travel a bit, Beer Revolution is having a Meet the Brewer event with Telegraph Brewing Wednesday night at 6.

Have an event you’d like featured? Hit me up in the comments.


Happy IPA Day Everybody!

Today is the 2nd Annual IPA Day. Hop heads around the globe are surely rejoicing, as it’s probably pretty safe to say a lot of breweries and tap rooms will have some pretty damn good stuff on today.

So how can you celebrate IPA day? Well, it’s really quite easy. Drink an IPA! Better yet, drink it with other IPA lovers! Even better, introduce your friend/neighbor/family member who may not like the style to your favorite IPA. Maybe the’ll be converted.

Locally, I know that Taps in Petaluma will have an IPA rich lineup for today, and it’s probably pretty safe to say that Whole Foods Coddingtown will have some good stuff on tap as well.

It remains to be seen how I will celebrate the day (this whole¬†work¬†thing is really holding me back). At the very least, I’ve got a Founder’s Devil Dancer in the fridge. May as well go big on a day like today.