“I Swear Officer. I have no idea how that canning line got into my living room.”

In perhaps the weirdest beer news ever, Beer Pulse reported that an 800 pound canning line was stolen from Great River Brewing of Davenport, IA.

First off, unless the equipment was made of copper and you were selling the scraps, why in the world would you even think of stealing a canning line? How does one even go about that? The logistics of it just confuse me.

My favorite line in the story: “Cellarman Tyler Krutzfeldt said the theft couldn’t have been a one-man job.” Unless that man was the Iron Giant. Which would be rad.

In all seriousness: dudes, that just sucks. Here’s hoping they catch the culprits, or culprit in the case of it actually being the Iron Giant (*fingers crossed*).